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    Opened document on PC without authorizing with adobe id


      I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions recently and opened a document without authorizing my pc with my adobe ID


      I wanted to share the document across devices, but was not able to, due to the registration of the file to my PC (i.e. because it wasn't synchronized to my Adobe ID)


      I went on the online chat facility for help, and the Support person has lead me to lose all access to the file I wanted to share between devices.


      So position i'm in:

      I have a document authorised to my PC, but with no Adobe ID etc.

      I can't access the document, as I de-authorised my PC to register with my Adobe ID


      Question: Is there anything that I can do to recover the file / re-gain access?


      Note: Re-purchasing the file is not an option due to cost (a textbook)


      Not a happy user of Adobe Digital Editions - especially the terrible customer services via online chat

      Matt (UK)