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    Images look small on iPad when exported to ePub




      So I have this 400 pages book with full page illustrations I'm trying to convert to ePub format. The original book size (for print) is 6"x9" so it does not fit in the 3:4 iPad ratio. When I export the document keeping its original size of 6x9, asking for a page break before the images so they would appear on their own "page" (they're meant to appear before each chapter beginning) the image is cut and 1/8 of it appears on the next page. Also, there are blank spaces on the sides. So I made a new document with the 3:4 ratio. Had to move everything around for hours. In the end, no matter what I do, the images won't fill the space. They are so much smaller than what they should be, filling approximatively 60% of the page in portrait orientation (when I would want them to stretch to all sides) and maybe 80% of the space it should fill in landscape with facing pages. I changed the images sizes 100 times to make them appear bigger, EXACT same result in the end no matter what. I'm going crazy over this, would anyone help please? I'm working on InDesign CC precisely