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    Download Manager Blank...no "off-line" installer for Flash 19


      I have completely removed all previous versions of Flash, cleaned up all entries in the Registry for flash of either FireFox or Opera versions, and still the online installation results in a blank Adobe Download Manager...never to populate and complete the installation.  None of the questions or answers to previous posts addresses the issue I am experiencing in Windows 7 Pro/Svc Pak 1, latest Opera, latest FireFox, latest Safari.


      I have gone back to the Archived full off-line installer for Flash 18 for the page capabilities that I need for my browsers, but as we all know, old versions often have vulnerabilities.


      So my question is, WHY are there not links to full off-line, download NOW, links to the latest versions of Flash offered on the Flash Download page?  It used to be accessible within a couple of links for "Other Versions" but now only "archived" versions of the full installer can be found,


      PLEASE stop emulating Microsoft and making it HARDER to use OUR internet and go back to HELPING our experiences.  Thank-you for your time.