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    multiple clips on one target level

      in a nutshell, I have several movie clips that need to load in on level 2. the code to load it in and click each one works to view and remove the movies, using these scripts:

      to load in the page, I use this. the page loaded is semi-transparent, so the buttons below it can be clicked and it'll remove this clip:
      attachMovie("bluePage", "bluePage", 2);

      to load in the next page via a button link within the page:
      on (release) {
      attachMovie("pinaPage", "pinaPage", 2);

      there's a few of these, but essentially, it breaks down like this. the exit button ( unloadMovie(2); ) works, the main links work, but the previous and next buttons within the loaded movie itself do not work.


      also, a similar question so I don't clutter the boards. what's the easiest way to make a button pop to the highest level when on a mouseover?

      Thanks a lot for all your help!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          just a preliminary: levels and depths are not the same. your issues are about depths. and unloadMovie(2) won't unload any of the movieclips you attach to depth 2.

          now, each timeline has its own set of depths. in particular, if your on(release) handlers are attached to movieclip buttons, your attachMovie() statements are attaching movieclips from the library to depth 2 of the movieclip button's timeline

          if you then have movieclip buttons in the newly attached movieclip, you won't be attaching to the same timeline and therefore will not be replacing previously attached movieclips.

          if all of this is making your head spin, you might simplify things by attaching all your movieclips to the same timeline. for example, you could use:

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            sol_martin Level 1
            thanks for the clarification on the levels and depths part. now, the final piece of the puzzle: I changed all my code to put depth 2 on the _root level. problem now is just alignment. how would I change the placement of the loaded clip if it's _root leveled? It worked fine before, but now it just loads in and doesn't move if you change the _x and _y placement (as shown in the first post)
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              to control the properties (including the _x, _y) of your attached movieclip use: