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    Adding more than one photo at a time from Lightroom Mobile?


      Hi folks,


      While trying out the new Premiere Clip 2.0 I discovered the following strange behaviour:

      - When adding photos to a clip from either my creative cloud files or from the camera roll on my iPad, I get to choose multiple ones -> i.e. tapping on a photo toggles a checkmark on the image, and I can check and then import as many as I want in one go.

      - When adding photos to a clip from Lightroom Mobile however, that same "multiple select" feature doesn't seem to be there: Tapping on a photo directly shows this photo (i.e. displays only that photo in a "full size"/detail view), along with a button below to open that photo. If you tap that button, not surprisingly, it just opens/adds this one photo and closes the import dialog. !


      In other words: It's extremely tedious to add more than one photo from Lightroom to Premiere Clip to create a slideshow, because you have to do it one by one...

      (BTW: Maybe there is some kind of hidden setting or non-obvious "secret handshake" to select multiple images from the LR mobile import screen, but I didn't find it. I tried "long-pressing" on the image, but that didn't do anything. I also tried that in the overview / collection screen, to see if Clip would let me add a whole collection - without even entering it - but also to no avail.)


      So either I am missing something here, or this is really some kind of "feature omission"... to not use the ugly word "bug". ;-)


      Thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions,