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    Merge to panorama broken in 2015.2.1


      I do a lot of artwork documentation.  I shoot large paintings with a studio stand mounted camera perpendicular to a wall mounted painting.  I drop the camera on the studio stand to capture sections of the painting then merge in software.  Been doing this very successfully for ages. 


      In Photoshop I'd choose the "Reposition" option to merge the images.  Always worked very well.  I was annoyed that there was no such option when in Lightroom when it introduced the merge function.  I shoot tethered in Lightroom so being able to do everything from there and keep a DNG master was extremely enticing.  I tried using the Auto setting in Lightroom and surprisingly it worked like a charm... changed my workflow with all smiles... until the latest upgrade.  Now it radically warps the images on just about any attempt to merge.  I've gone back and tried to re-merge images captured/merged successfully with previous versions of Lightroom.  This versions gets them totally wrong now.


      I can go back to using Photoshop again but now but that means going back to a rendered file workflow.  Not happy.  Is this a known issue that's being worked on? 


      I realize that I'm not using the merge function quite like the typical user but still... worked very well before this latest release.




      Bob Smith

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi BobSmithTX,


          Please follow the below steps.

          • Go to Lightroom > Preferences.
          • Click on the General tab
          • Uncheck “Show ‘Add Photos’ Screen”
          • Restart the computer
          • Check and make sure that “Show ‘Add Photos’ Screen” is unchecked
          • Restart Lightroom and check for the issue


          Let me know if this helps.




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            BobSmithTX Level 1

            No change.


            I already had that pref unchecked.  I tried checking, restarting, trying a merge; then unchecking; restarting etc.  All results were the same.  I also get the same results on a second computer (Primary is 2012 Mini, 2nd is late 2011 MacBook Pro with similar specs... i7, 10.11, 16GB RAM two 1 TB SSDs).


            The vast majority of merges that I do are vertical merges... merging a series of images from top to bottom (that's how I shoot them).  That's always worked before and still works if I go into Photoshop.  I've found that if I rotate the images in Lightroom first, then merge, I get results just like I used to in Lightroom.  Highly annoying but it beats rendering images first then passing onto Photoshop.  Lightroom now seems to only understand merging images that go from left to right... not top to bottom.  It used to both equally well.




            Bob Smith

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              Hal P Anderson Level 6



              If you want to roll back to 6.1.1 until the dust settles, you may:





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                BobSmithTX Level 1

                Thanks, but now that understand how to handle this "problem", doing so is easier than rolling back and giving up other things that I like.  Hopefully this will get sorted at some point.



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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Auto choosing a different projection is not “broken” necessarily so things may never return to how they were working for you initially.


                  There have been problems with LR producing a panorama that is very tiny less than 1000x1000 pixels which seems to be created from the internal-low-res previews that LR probably uses to determine what projection to use before making the final panorama full resolution.


                  Adobe is adjusting things with the panorama stitching process in an attempt to get this to work and perhaps avoid other bugs.  It is reasonable that the panorama stitching process would change over time until everything is stable.   Part of what seems to matter is how many resources are available to LR in general.

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                    BobSmithTX Level 1

                    For the record... the merges that I've had problems with today are smaller than ones that have been no problem at all in the past.  I don't think resources are the issue in this case.


                    The rendering simply doesn't work at all no matter what projection is selected if the images are being merged from top to bottom. The merged image is highly distorted.  This type of merge worked correctly in every other version since Lightroom started offering the merge feature.  In my book that's "broken".


                    It works fine if I feed it images that need to be merged from left to right.


                    Not as convenient as before but I can live with this behavior now that I understand it if it helps with other issues.  My biggest "want" as far as this feature goes would be a choice for "reposition" under projections like Photoshop has.


                    Thanks for your interest and comments



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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Can you post the raw files involved in the highly-distorted merge?  Upload to www.dropbox.com and reply with the public share link, here.

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                        BobSmithTX Level 1

                        Sorry about the delay.  I'm out ill today.


                        I can't post publicly the painting images that I've been working on.  Early this morningt I revisited this issue with some test subjects that I wouldn't mind posting.  My results are significantly better than my previous efforts but still different than previous versions.  I can't for the life of me figure out what changed.  Even old files that wouldn't merge at all like before yesterday are merging very similarly to previous renderings now.  Neither my system or Lightroom has been restarted since yesterday's work. And I'm working with the same image files.


                        I seem to almost always get good merges either top to bottom or side to side if "Perspective" is chosen as the projection.  If Auto is chosen, top down merges choose Spherical and come out very warped.  If Auto is chosen on side to side merges it chooses "perspective" and makes a good merge.  None of the projection selections would give a good rendering yesterday and frequently cylindrical would error out and say that it couldn't render.  All projection choices render now (same files I was working with yesterday) but only Perspective yields a reasonable image for my setup (see first post in this chain).


                        I want to put one of my systems back on a earlier version of Lightroom and compare behavior.  With other workload in house at the moment that won't happen for a couple of days.  I'll post my findings and files when I can.





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                          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I just wanted to see if I could duplicate the results you're seeing on my system or if it's somehow system-dependent.

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                            I just get a black rectangle when I try to merges overlapping photos into a panorama, any ideas?

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                              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              This has already been reported in several threads for specific camera makes, e.g. Panasonic.  Hopefully Adobe is investigating and working on a fix.


                              See:  https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1980644