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    Component, dataProvider

      How would one bind the dataProvider of a component that is called through AS to a variable XX


      The above code works but successive changes in XX are not reflected in the presentation.

      Is it possible ?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Declare a bindable instance("global") variable:
          [Bindable] var myDataProvider:ArrayCollection;

          Bind the ui to it:
          ... dataProvider="{myDataProvider}"

          When you set the varialble, anything bound to it will update:
          myDataProvider = XML(event.result).data;

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            Johannes07 Level 1
            I am aware of ="{myDataProvider}" this works fine a long as I use the <mx:....

            I am referring to the creation of the component using AS.

            private function yyyyy():void {
            var mycomp:PieChart = new PieChart();
            mycomp.dataProvider = myDataProvider;

            I don't seem to be able to use mycomp.dataProvider = "{myDataProvider}" here and passing mycomp.dataProvider = myDataProvider works but changes are not reflected.

            Do you mean I should declare this variable in the component script ?
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              ntsiii Level 3
              You need the [Bindable] metadata tag before the myDataProvider declaration. And of course that variable declaration must be in the scope of the component instance.

              And no, you cannot use binding braces in AS.