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    AE cc: playback skips scenes/sections in timeline


      My 38sec video was playing first to last frame perfectly.

      Simple position, rotation changes...swinging text at the end...

      Now when playing in preview, it skips entire scenes.


      Green render bar to 600f then black to the end of 975 frame.

      Or I can set the scrubber at 600 and it will "play" to 975 loop back and skip scenes before 600.

      I went back to a previous auto-save doc and it does the same thing.


      it is Sunday...deadline Monday. :  (

      CC 2015 13.5

      Macbook Pro 8gb RAM

      designated cache folder

      simple flat .ai or .psd files no video

      Audio (voice-over) converted to .aiff


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Purge all cache and try again.


          If that does not work sett the Zoom factor to 50% and the Resolution to Auto in the composition window. Next Purge all cache. This will give you a fair amount of ram preview with only 8GB of ram. If that doesn't do it, set the Zoom factor (first box on the bottom left of the Composition Panel) to 25% and see how that does. Don't expect AE to give you a perfect ram preview of a HD or bigger comp at full resolution with only 8GB ram. CC 2015 will give you better lengths of ram preview but there are other problems that may cause you to go back to CC 2014. 


          NOTE: If you have a MacBook Pro R then use 100% instead of 50 or 50% instead of 25.


          If none of these tips help then we need complete composition details, a detailed description of your workflow and your system and AE specs down to the last decimal point.