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    Lightroom CC 2015 2.1 is no better.


      Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 21.55.59 copy.jpg

      I don't know what Adobe Team were up to before they released .2 never min .2.1. Its possibly the worst release of any Adobe Software in recent times I can think off.


      I'm using;

      MacBook Pro 15" Retina

      256GB SSD

      8GB Ram

      El Capitan 10.11


      Yesterday I updated to .2.1 and I thought, initially, great, solved importing issue where the import dialogue screen was totally unresponsive. So after updating to .2.1 and the import screen worked fine, I thought great we're off. Tonight I had to reboot twice before I could import. Now I've just tried to crop an image and the crop window appears, great but the crop menu doesn't so I can only adjust the crop in its fixed ratio. It refuses to quit, been waiting on it for over 5 minutes now. To quit it when its been unresponsive, I have to use the Activity Monitor to force it to quit. On top of that I noticed I could scroll down from below the word "Basic" to unveil any amount of free space I want, i.e. where the Crop Dialogue box should be!


      The new import dialogue screen is utterly useless, previously it retained your last import settings, i.e. last destination folder etc. Now it just imports to the Pictures folder, total pain in the backside. Another annoyance seems to be that it doesn't reopen at the last image you were working on. It seems fixed on opening at some image I imported 2 days ago.


      Seriously Adobe, I don't know who you have doing pre launch testing but I think you need to stop utilising the monkeys from the local zoo or maybe the problem lies with the beta fanboys who won't tell you anything thats wrong.


      Seriously bad stuff from Adobe this. If problems like most users flagged up within minutes of the download, how on earth were those issues not flagged during testing?


      Edit 1 Additional Issues


      After rebooting LR the zoom function doesn't work, completely random, also when in loupe view it is compressing a landscape oriented image to a portrait oriented image. In order to fix I have to adjust zoom slider from fit to fill and back again.

      Thumbnails aren't showing alteration symbols, -/+, crop symbols etc.

      Crop Menu still not appearing after crop is pressed.

      I've just changed from one days images to another, previous image shot at 175mm, image I chose from today shot at 20mm ( think) I say I think because the Histogram/Exif panel is still showing the data from the previously displayed image. I've attached a screenshot showing the "175mm" image, as you can see it aint 175mm.


      How much am I paying a month for this crap again?

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          doyleb Level 1

          Additional Issues 2


          After a MacBook reboot;


          Zoom function still not working. Massive lag between zooming to 1:1 and back to "fit" i.e. when at "fit" the zoom slider still says 1:1. In fact basically LR thinks its showing 1:1 because instead of the magnifying glass cursor I am getting the hand pan symbol.

          Once zoomed in (after I'd zoomed out if you know what I mean) I tried a simple dust spot removal. That took about 2 minutes to perform while I was typing this response.

          LR is running at about 2.3GB of memory.

          Dehaze function, really its not that big a deal, take it off and lets go back the way....

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            doyleb Level 1

            Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 23.19.19 copy.jpgAdditional Issues 3


            When zoomed in, although remember LR thinks I'm zoomed out, I selected the spot heal tool. When I bring the cursor onto the image it immediately freezes about half an inch in when it hits the image. I have indicate to move my finger off the image onto the side or top/bottom bars for the cursor to unfreeze whereupon I incorrectly get the panning hand, because I'm now zoomed out, I know its confusing me too.


            Next now the crop dialogue box won't close now despite me clicking on say the spot heal tool, that dialogue box just appears below the crop dialogue box, now thats a new one, but not surprising, nothing is surprising me anymore with this. Oh and now I've noticed that the adjust brush/grad dialogue box is open below that! Image showing all these incredible new features attached. Zoom slider at 1:1 (screenshot doesn't show hand cursor for some reason) and the dialogue boxes all open at same time, in this instance I have the crop tool, red eye tool and adjust brush or grad tool all open at the same time. Thats quite a feat I must admit.


            Oh and its now burning 4.6gb of Ram. Thats ridiculous. Also when In try and quit it says its still writing to xmp, despite me doing next to nothing on image largely because it is utterly useless to use. And before anyone says its a memory/hardware issue, its not, never had an issue running lR on this or any other machine.


            2.1 is great isn't it....

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              Doyleb, that's excellent feedback.  Unfortunately, Adobe is unlikely to see it here, since this is primarily a user-to-user forum in which Adobe product developers rarely participate.  I suggest you post your feedback in the official Adobe feedback forum: Recently active topics in Photoshop Family about Photoshop Lightroom. Adobe does read the posts there, and occasionally they reply.  While they don't act on most of them, posts there do influence Adobe's product development.


              Try to separate your feedback into separate distinct posts, rather than lumping all of your feedback together.  Search first to see if someone else has already created a topic on the issue and add to that topic rather than starting a new one.  That will make it more likely your feedback will have some influence.

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                doyleb Level 1



                Thanks, I was away all weekend staying in Hotels and B&B's all with poor wifi. I've now been at home and working on it for an hour or so and it has been absolutely fine. I'm wondering if this could be a wifi/LR Mobile syncing thingy slowing everything up if connection is poor?

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                  johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                  It's certainly possible that flaky LR Mobile syncing was causing LR overall to perform badly.  Properly implemented it shouldn't have any effect, but there's always the possibility (and in LR, the likelihood) of bugs.