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    Adobe Edge (With Video) + Sizmek does not load in Firefox on first attempt


      We’ve been trying to get an Adobe Edge HTML5 banner ad with video to work with Sizmek and Firefox and have had no luck.  We’ve done a range of work around and nothing seems to work.


      But if we do a basic Adobe Edge banner ad it works fine, but as soon as video is attached it hangs and doesn’t display anything (on initial load).


      We’ve found that Adobe Edge banner with video works with every single browser except Firefox. 


      So far we’ve tried the following workaround.


      What didn’t work

      • Move the Sizmek Edge compositionReady code to the head of the document.
      • Shuffle the video load order in the edge.js file
      • Reduced the size of the video thinking it might be a file weight issue.



      What Worked


      • Removed the video in the Edge file and have basic animation and it works fine.
      • Removed the Sizmek EB codes and it loaded fine with the videos, but this is of no use to us as it doesn’t adhere to the Sizmek ad platform framework.
      • Re-build the banner using only the Sizmek template with greensock and works perfectly.


      We’ve contacted Sizmek support and have gone through a few developers and they have said that the issue is in the edge library and the compositionReady event is not dispatched in Firefox’s first load.


      They’ve also done a few tests and think that it might be a wide issue with Adobe Edge and have asked that we contact Adobe to find a solution.


      Can someone please point us in the right direction or other workarounds to get Edge working “reliablywith Sizmek and Firefox?


      We know that we can just build everything with code, but our digital designers are not coders and need a timeline animation solution as opposed to a text editor. (With “Edge animate the logical progression from Adobe Flash for them”)

      Thanks in advance!


      My current system setup: MacPro (Late 2013)

      Operating System: OSX Yosemite 10.10.4

      Adobe Edge Animate Version: Adobe Edge CC 2015

      Firefox Version: 38.0.1


      Here is a preview link:

      http://platform.mediamind.com/Eyeblaster.Preview.Web/Default.aspx?previewID=9tJlNivoKiW3dH KTuk0LbbCgEiv2EIykKfVwKNgMDykKfuZrA44UDg%3D%3D&AdID=31080610&lang=en-US

      Adobe Edge Sample file link:

      Dropbox - 970x250-video-standard.zip