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    Mirrored Fonts?!

    Tal_CS Level 1

      Some surfers complain that they see my DCR within the browser with mirrored fonts.
      They see the word "Font" as mirroed "F", mirroed "o", mirrored "n" and mirrored "t"
      (i.e. horizontal flip of each letter on the y axis, but the order of the word is the same)

      I tried embedding the fonts - without success.
      I tried to define "Background - transparent" instead of "Matte" for the text fields - no success.

      The texts are injected to the movie through the swText var from the HTML.
      On the platforms I checked it, it shows fine, but I can't figure out what is wrong with these users' experience.

      Did anyone encounter this issue?
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          duckets Level 1
          Wow.. weird problem!
          Never heard of it, but can you supply the url so we can test?

          Did you fail to embed the fonts at all, or did you successfully embed them, but it didn't fix the problem?

          - Ben
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            Tal_CS Level 1
            Hello Ben,

            Thanks for your support. I cannot post a link to the test.
            The problem of mirrored letters (not words) occured only at some OS-Browser configuration.
            The solution we found, after several tests was NOT to embed the font (it didn't help), but to use Arial (Hebrew) for latin letters. When I used Arial (the international version of the font), the mirroring phenomena occured.

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              Tal_CS Level 1
              Still, if anyone can spread some light on this phenomenon, s/he is most welcome to do so for the sake of the Knowledge base.