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    new document page measurement


      When creating a new document the measure in points and pica.

      We have changed the units in preferences to millimetres but still the new document measurements are in points and picas

      The rulers and all other measurements are in millimetres, just the page sizes are in points and picas, would really like to change the page size measurements to millimetres also.


      Does anyone know how we can do this please?

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          sambor253 Level 1

          Fixed ... thank you. Been reading for a while, just found in an old thread as as soon as I created this. Worked like a dream.



          It is not a bug, though at first glance it may seem to be.


          With no documents open, changing the preference sets the new preference for

          future documents without altering any existing documents without your

          direct intervention..


          With a document open, changing the preference affects ONLY the open

          document without chancing your workspace.


          So, if you prefer to work in Pica's and have a one-off project that demands

          the file be delivered in mm, you can change the document without impacting

          your personal workspace.


          It may seem like a hassle to work the preferences this way, but I believe

          it gives more control to the designer.



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            Ellis home Level 4

            Change the units in preferences with no documents open.