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    Lightroom not responding after a few clicks


      It has been like this for a month. I think update 2015.2.1 (Windows) is the third I have installed in this period.

      Had some expectations as the update was said to address chrashing. But no avail, also stops after purging caches and creating a new small test catalog. I have of course checked "Test integrity.." and "Optimize catalog.." during a number of backups while having these problems.

      Only plug-in is the one from SmugMug, updated every time asked. Only "special" thing I can think of is that I have 150k images (heard that 500k should work though), and a few folders has 3k alone.


      I have learned to live with this by postponing all but the most urgent publishing, accepting (sort of) that I need 50x extra time to do anything.

      A typical crash will be starting LR, click and scroll one or two folders, select a photo and switch to Develop. If I manage to go straight to a photo than I can do one or maybe two edit operation before it freezes. Lately I have also had to use Task Manager to end LR.


      Before spend any more time on LR (hobby, not work), has anyone seen this and hopefully have a remedy?