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    Sticky annotation tools (so i don't have to reselect tools for each use)  [Android]


      An input on the Adobe Acrobat Android viewer app:

      I am a student, and read PDF books and want to make notes on the margins and highlight parts of my online textbook.

      My work will be done much faster if I don't have to reselect the annotation tools after each use. Is there a way you can develop where I can long-click the highlight tool or the pencil tool and it stays on that setting until I click it again? I'll use my highlighter as a highlighter pen, making all sorts of marks on my page before moving to the next page. Right now, I have to Select highlighted tool. Highlight. Select highlighter tool. Highlight. Select highlighter tool. Highlight.

      The only downside would be that I will not be able to swipe to change pages because it will highlight the tracks of my swipe attempt. This could be fixed by having "next page" arrows or having a stylus-only annotation option (so my finger doesn't do anything other than swipe pages).

      I'm using a Samsung Notebook Pro tablet.