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    GPU support




      I have two GTX690's.  Each one has two GPU's (a total of 4).  I recently started a project and noticed AE and AME run super slow.  They are both set to use GPU.  Oddly my GPU's are  hardly working (1% usage), but the CPU's are 98%.

      In the past this worked really well.  I'm can only assume that one of the Adobe updates changed a setting somewhere and now it doesn't recognize the hardware.  Can anyone provide me with a checklist of setting, files, registry, ini, everything

      I need to make sure this is configured properly?




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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of Premiere?


          I would suggest removing one GTX 690. and see what happens.


          Since AE does not really use GPU acceleration your symptom might be pointing at some other problem.

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            geomagnet Level 1

            Thanks Bill,


            As it turns out AME only uses GPU through AE if the project effect can take advantage of it.   So if you have a 3D layer with ray tracing and GPU support enabled, AND you haven't cached in a preview...rather you immediately send the composition to AME, then it will use GPU.  Otherwise it will use CPU on all other effects and use the cached information to speed things up.

            At least that's what I gather for 4 hours of research last night.   Once you have a video encoded you can use that encoded video to encode to other formats super fast.  So to go from 1080HD.mp4 or .mov only takes a few seconds to go to 720HD.   The problem for me was that my template took between 45 minutes and 2 hours to render each video (50 total).  So I was

            a bit stressed that I couldn't really get any other work done without taxing the encoding resources.  Not to mention, it made my other programs unbearably sluggish for days.   A real damper on productivity.