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    Latest LR: import dialog would collapse dates?


      So the new import dialog is beautiful but appears to be missing a lot of functionality - or it's hidden and I can't figure out how to get it back.


      Old import, selecting a CF card as the source with several days of shooting on it resulted in day-by-day groupings which I could tick a single box to (un)select the whole date. Clicking on the date line would collapse all images so one wouldn't have to scroll through them either.  And on the right side, I could see the exact name of the destination directories and count of any images about to be copied by this import.


      After the last update, the import dialog has changed a lot - more beautiful, fluid - but I can't figure out how to group images by date so I can only select today's shooting or collapse some days but not others in order to save a lot of time scrolling or rendering.  I have already imported a number of days from this card, but into another catalog or on the laptop and haven't synced them here yet, so this one can't automatically "uncheck" them and I definitely DON'T want to import them here.  I can uncheck all, but that leaves me with individually ticking off each image I want to import at this time.


      Something that was so fast and easy is now gone?  Or am I just missing a way to switch the view back to this?