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    Two questions about LR Mobile

    0mx9 Level 1

      1. When I set up a LR Mobile Synch in LR Desktop, the space where the badge is shows the number of photos to synch and counts down. On the iPhone, the new folder appears and I select enable offline editing. Synching begins and counts up to the number of photos in the folder, showing both a blue line on the folder and a comment when I select the Cloud icon that says "Synching for offline. ## synching." When finished, the blue line disappears and the message at the top changes to "All up to date". If I put the phone in airplane mode and go to the folder which has been synched for offline editing, there are many black thumbnails and the photos do not open. If I come out of airplane mode, the phone returns to synching mode. Why is that?

      2. Say I have 500 photos in a folder called "2015". And I have 250 of the same photos in a folder called "My Family". And I synch both collections. Does LR synch 1 copy or 2 copies of the photos that are in both? In other words, does it burn up storage?


      OSX 10.11

      IOS 9.0.2

      LR CC 2015..2.1

      LR iPhone 2.0.0