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    DNG Converter has suddenly greyed out in photo downloader - CS6


      High, I'm running on Mac OSX 10.9.4 and have CS6 and Lightroom 6 (LR6).  when I purchased LR6, I read that I should update all of my Adobe products to make sure they all work together properly. I did so.  Now when I try to download my Canon CR2 Files and convert them to DNG files that option is no longer available to me.  It is greyed out in the option box.  I have read about this problem that many are having, and then found a solution in one of the forums from a STAFF member with the link Dropbox - CameraRaw_8_8.pkg.zip - I followed all the steps, and when I reopened Adobe Bridge and tried again, the situation has not changed.  I do not want to go back to and older version again, as I think this will upset LR working with all my other programs again etc.    I also notice that Photo Downloader no longer shows my CR2 files as thumbnail images, this has also only happened since I updated Camera Raw to

      PS.I am new to forums and not sure how to receive the responses - how do I know when someone has posted an answer? Do I have to find my way back to this page? Cheers D


      Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.12.05 pm.pngScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.11.47 pm.pngScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.34.10 pm.png