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    Can someone explain poster images in relation to Web Publishing?


      I just realized that my poster images weren't behaving correctly and that led me to this scenario:


      I publish using "Web" checked in the Publish settings. A poster image IS created in the images folder (maybe because I did it manually). My question is, where is Edge's output calling for it? Between the .html and the _edge.js, neither contain the word "poster." I want to see how it's being used, yet can't find it actually being used.


      Now, there is a reference to "poster" in the edge.5.0.1.js file, but Edge Animate loves to jack up names, and mine would actually be "poster2.png". So it wouldn't even find it anyway.


      In the Edge documentation concerning Publish settings, both publish options OEM and iBooks give specific mention to a poster image, but the "Web" option does not.


      Can someone please explain this to me? Are only OEM and iBook capable?


      Thank you very much!