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    problems with ePub_Checker version 1.5.0


      ePub_Checker version 3.1.2 worked fine no errors, no problems.

      I have Jave 8 update 60


      but with ePub_Checker version 1.5.0 gives, with the same ePub, a lot of warnings/errors I don't understand, code HTM-002 and RSC-005.

      Saying that the installed xml parser doesn't supprt xml verification (code HTM-002). and DOM003 Namespace error in depth /Meta-INF/container.xml (RSC-005)


      My editor get this warning:


      Validating using EPUB version 2.0.1 rules.

      WARNING(HTM-016): 9789460013652 met gesloten

      vuisten.epub/cover.xhtml(-1,-1): HTML5 DOCTYPE definition within EPUB v2.

      Check finished with warnings

      epubcheck completed