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    Progress Bar

    Stevan Level 1
      I can not figure out how to make a progress bar like the kind between pages when the second one is loading . I have tried what i think will work but to no avail

      I am new at flash

      Thxs Steve
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          in general, you can create a movieclip (with instance name progressBar) that contains a rectangle (with both stroke and fill) and its left edge at stage-center.

          right click on the fill, click convert to movieclip with its left edge at stage-center. give the fill an instance name (say fillMC).

          you can now control your progress bar by assigning progressBar.fill._xscale to equal thePageYourLoadingTarget.bytesLoaded()*100/bytesTotal().
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            Level 7
            Hi, here is a great flash video-tuturial site: www.gotoandlearn.com
            explaining you how to create
            flash preloader and much more.

            Check out these three tutorials:

            Basic Flash Preloader
            Advanced Flash Proloader
            External SWF Preloading

            Hope that helps.