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    LR Mobile default options fail!

    Richard Olpin

      What kind of idiot decided it was ok for the latest iOS Lightroom update to reset it's options and default to automatically adding all 2000+ photos from my phone without asking and then allowing them to sync them via mobile data too?

      I only discovered this after my mobile provider notified me that my data allowance was used up and I discovered that LR had used 3Gb of data by adding ALL the photos from my mobile phone leaving me caught out with no data and a big bill for an emergency top-up. Massive #FAIL from Adobe

      Not only that, I then had to go through and remove all those photos by hand wasting hours of my time.

      I have no interest whatsoever in my mobile phone snaps being mixed up with my professional photography,. c

      Stupid, stupid decision from Adobe.  You should NEVER default to an action which will cost people money, time or frustration.