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    Macs create invisible files when connecting to Ubuntu-server via AFP


      Dear all,

      We have just setup a Linux Server (Ubuntu - 14.04.3LTS) to which both Windows and Mac machines connects without any problems.

      The only issue is, that when saving files from Illustrator, using AFP from the macs, the files created are invisible.

      This means, that you cannot see the files, when browsing the server from Illustrator, nor is it possible to insert pictures directly into an Illustrator-file, since it is not visible.

      When view invisible-files are turned on in Finder on the mac, you can see and access them without any problems, but again not from Illustrator.

      Old files does not have this problem, it is only new files created by the mac-users.

      This happens when using Adobe Illustrator version CC2014, we have then installed a version 2015, but the problem still occurs.

      The Mac clients are all running 10.10.3.


      We have read both these threads, but since they are old and does not include the same software, as we are using, we have not been able to extract any information from those.


      Indesign/Illustrator writes hidden PDFs on afp shared volume


      BUG?? Saving files in Illustrator to an AFP network share


      Does anyone have an idea of what happens, and what a solution could be.

      We have tested the server very thoroughly, and it does not seem to be where the problem originates.


      Kind Regards