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    xml based file path problem on Windows

      I'm having a problem with a Flash based slideshow based on the tutorial one from here
      I've added a timed nextSlide function but basically left the actionscript the same apart from that.
      The problem is that the file works fine in a html file on any Mac browser I care to test in, Firfox,Netscape,Safari and even IE5.2 but when I try it in Windows IE6 or firefox, no picture s or titles show. I've tried this under parallels from a "shared" folder, and also on a real pc from the website.
      I also tried the original tutorial file and it doesn't seem to work either.
      Can anyone cast any light on this problem?
      I thought it was the different way paths are defined on Mac & Windows ie / vs \ so I put everything at the same level and redefined the paths in the xml to be at the same level , but still no go on Windows.
      Help! please!