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    Lightroom mobile sync with Catalogue

    PD1234 Level 1

      I have synced my iphone photos using Lightroom Mobile (no collections setup) to Lightroom CC (on my PC).  I have the latest October 2015 updates to all software.  The photos sync to Lightroom on my desktop into a newly created device folder eg. “iPhone 6”.   This folder is not part of my Lightroom catalogue – it is separately located in My picture\Lightroom\Mobile Downloads.lrdata\XXXXX.


      If I drag a photo from that folder to a folder that is stored within my catalogue, the photo still seems to be in sync with Lightroom mobile and seems to have a sync flag on it.  Is this a new feature of Lightroom that has just been added or have I stumbled across something that isn’t supposed to happen?

      If this is not supposed to happen, what is the process for transferring photos from the iphone 6 folder to my catalogue?  I am a little confused about the process of moving photos from lightroom mobile into my organized lightroom folders in my catalogue.

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That is what is supposed to happen. When you take a photo on the iPhone, and then open LrM, it imports a copy of that photo into LrM. The photo subsequently arrives in your catalogue and is stored in that Mobile Downloads folder.


          And that is it.


          What you do next is your choice. I prefer to move the photos from Mobile Downloads and put them in folders with my other photos, so I treat them just like any other pictures. I also delete photos from Camera Roll on the iPhone - no need to keep them any longer.



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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm not sure it's new. For example it was always possible to sync your Camera Roll. You could then delete the images from yiour phone and they would remain in LR Mobile using the Adobe DNG previews.