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    Why can't I create colour swatches from scratch (not derived from photo)?


      Hi Adobe-ers,


      I'm a long time Adobe product user, and I've used the colour tools since Kuler. It is baffling that the mobile versions of this tool (Color CC then its subsequent integration with Capture CC) do not seem to empower you to create colour swatches from scratch - instead requiring an image input and colour-picking dots.


      It seems obvious to me that finding inspiring colour combinations from your external environment (and taking a photo of them) and deriving colour combinations from your imagination, are totally different creative workflows which can both result in the creation of colour assets. That only the former (arguably more complex) mode is supported seems utterly bizarre!


      I'm really enjoying the new workflows Adobe has created, especially in harnessing cloud storage to make it simple for assets to be shared between machines - however I'd love to have room to create swatches from scratch (in the way of the Color CC web-app) without the creative pipeline-blocking workaround of having to take a random photo and then edit the derived colours to distraction, to eventually meet what I had imagined.



      P.S. Apologies in advance if;  there is a way to do this and I am just missing something, this has been answered, or if this is not the right place for feature requests etc.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Stephen,


          Thanks for this. No, you're not missing anything; that functionality is only in the web version of the application. We do get requests, from time-to-time, to incorporate it in the app. Currently in the mobile version you'd have to capture a theme. Then edit it.


          I'll drop a note to the team with your feedback.


          And, just to alleviate any concerns... the right place for feedback is wherever it's easiest for you to leave it. We eventually see (and try to respond to) everything.


          Thanks again.