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    lightroom catalog question


      I moved photos from computer to external HD, within lightroom. However, my folder list on the left panel just shows the images that are still on my computer. How do I see what images are on the external hd without actually plugging it in?

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi sccarol,


          The time you move the images from your computer to external drive, and if you disconnect the external drive.

          There would be an exclamation mark on the top right of the images, as the images are missing from the source location.

          So that is how you would be able to know what files are on the external drive.




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            sccarol Level 1

            Thanks, Tanuj. I do understand that, but I thought that the list of images that I moved but that are still in the catalog would remain, so that I continue to have a master list of all the images in my catalog, regardless of location. That isn't the case - will I have to reimport or reconnect all of those images? Thanks for your response!