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    Problem with UserTransaction and dataManagem

    fabios Level 1
      Hi all, after some days of work on dataManagement issue, now i'm facing a new and exciting challenge. I can read with fill method, but if i try a delete+commit (exactly like the CRM samples) i've got this error:
      "Unable to access UserTransaction in DataService".
      I've googleezed the message and i've found a tech note from adobe about installation and configuration of JOTm lybraries. I did actually what they said:
      a) I created a "TributiWeb.xml" which contains the declaration of the transaction
      b) I put all the lybraries in tomcat5_5/common/lib
      c) i check for the other solutions, like creating two more configuration files in webApps directory...
      Nothing change and i still have the same problem, so please help me...

      Ps i'm working with Tomcat5_5, Jotm2, Flex 2 and FlexDataManagement Service