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    (CPU Overheat) Are there any specific settings I should edit before rendering in Adobe Premiere?



      I picked a really small render option that my old laptop was able to render without overheating, so I was wondering if I am doing something else wrong?


      These are my computer's specs (the one I am trying to render with on the screenshot) :

      High air flow 922 Cooler master case, 3 fans and cable management that doesn't interfere with the airflow.

      Motherboard ASUS Maximus VII Ranger

      Core i7 4790k  (At the moment with the cpu fan that came with the processor)

      16GB ram

      NVIDIA GTX 970

      120GB SSD (to run windows)
      1 TB HD (for my files and programs)

      Windows 7 64bit


      My old laptop's specs (which I used to render HD videos with it) : And cpu wouldn't go over 60C, but was using Premier 2.0 or something

      ASUS Laptop

      Core Quad

      Nvidia GT 240M

      500GB HD

      Windows 7 64bit


      With these render settings, my computer's cpu overheats at 98C, just as it starts rendering, it quickly escalate, which at this point, I cancel the rendering.

      I tried to see if other things would couse overheat like working on a 8GB file on photoshop. It consumed all the ram, but the cpu temperature didn't go over 70C.


      Is there any possibility it might just be the cpu's fan not being able to support the cpu with this kind of tasks? Or is it really a setting that I am missing that is consuming all the 8 cores of the CPU?

      I think the cpu fan is running as it should with an average of 1140 rpm.


      If anyone has any idea of what this happens, please let me know. And thank you beforehand for reading this!