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    FL8: Really need some advice on this!!!

      To all the Flash experts out there.

      I have a scenario to build in Flash but I dont have no idea on how to go around doing this. I know there will be lots of actionscripts involved with boolean's, If statements etc. Just hope you can give me some advice on how to do this.

      Here is the silly scenario.
      There is a fish that needs to get to the other side of the river but there are two nets it must get through.
      - Fish approaches first net.
      - 1st button is clicked and so the water level rises to the correct height.
      - The net opens up and the fish goes through it approaching the 2nd net.
      - The 2nd and then the 3rd button is clicked so the water level rises to the correct height.
      - the 2nd net opens up and the fish swims off freely.
      So you could say there are two gates that the fish must go through.
      - if say the fish passed through the 1st net, when the 1st button is clicked again, I don't want the Flash movie to start again and make the fish go through it again.
      - As the 1st button must be clicked so the fish can pass through the first net, if say the user selects any other buttons, i need a msg box to tell the user the 1st button must be clicked and selecting the other buttons will not do anything yet.
      -if the water level is correct, then the button does not even need to be clicked. FIsh can swim straight through it.
      Hope this makes sense! Please give me some advice how I would code it!
      Thank you