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    What is the optimal hardware setup for premiere and photoshop, and for that matter the suite as a whole

    KyleAndrew Level 1

      I am currently interested in building a new editing workstation, and I would be very curious to hear commentary on this from Adobe officials themselves.


      What is the optimal hardware setup for a user using Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Speedgrade, Audition etc. to get the most performance?


      For example, should they have a small SSD drive just for cacheing, thumbnails? Should the computer have one SSD for operating system and apps, another SSD to store the files currently being worked on (in RAID of course) for speed, a third for thumbnails, cacheing, etc. and then whatever storage and backup mechanism one chooses?


      What is the current state of video card hardware? What's a reasonably priced card that will increase your editing speed and functions? Whats the top end of that spectrum? What are we looking for as users?


      Is there currently a white paper, or an article published somewhere that highlights all of this and was written recently? I plan to turn this into a short article on my own website to help out others, and getting an official comment from Adobe would be fantastic.


      Thank you to anyone that chimes in in advance.




      (PS if there is a hardware only forum on here somewhere, I may have missed it. Please advise.)