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    LR 5.7.1 - Actions, history and virtual proof copy not working in images from Collections (& other funky stuff)


      My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium. Browser is Firefox 40.0.3.


      Yesterday, everything worked fine. Today, I imported some new images and put them  into collections and collection sets. I also added some previously imported images into collections/sets. This is the only recent change I've made; before this, I always  imported images from my desktop folders.


      Images in the collections/sets are acting funky.

      • I click soft proofing and make a virtual proof copy before I do anything; LR asks me after every action/change if I want to make a virtual proof copy.
      • Nothing shows up in the history (except, hilariously enough, the first instance of "Create Virtual copy" with a date and time stamp),
      • Actions aren't sticking from any of the development options (basic, tone curve, and etc).
      • If I try to use the crop tool, the white soft proofing background reverts to gray, the aspect choices (4X5, 8X10 and etc) won't work and any crop I do put in place disappears when I click the "Done" button. After clicking "Done" the white soft proofing background returns (without the crop in place).
      • Presets from LR and other sources do work (probably because I don't need/want them right now).
      • If I move from the Develop module back into the Library, I no longer see the original photo and the virtual copy; just the virtual one. If I click on the "Photo has develop adjustments" icon on a virtual copy, I see the History dropdown triangle in the Develop module, but there's nothing in the history; even the aforementioned "Create Virtual copy" with a date and time stamp is gone.


      If I take those same images, copy them, rename them (add TEST before the original name), place them in a file on my desktop (i.e., not in a collection/set) and them import them again, everything is fine. LR only asks to make a soft proofing copy once, all actions stick and show up in the History, the crop aspect tool works and if I go back to the Library I see the original photo and the soft proof copy.


      It's like a Jekyll and Hyde thing that has me totally stumped. Before today, I only accessed images from collections a handful of times, but I had no problems. The obvious answer (after 5 frustrating hours trying to debug this) is to abandon the Collections/Sets idea, which I'll do short term, just to get some work done. However, I really wanted to get my images organized and (insert snicker and eye roll) save time in the editing process.


      Any ideas?