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    How to control audio


      I am using Premier 13.1.  I have imported clips complete with audio. I also importe an MP3 Music into Audio Track #1. While I am deleting parts of the audio I am keeping other parts of the original audio. My question is how do I overlay the music MP3 controlling parts by increasing the audio and other parts decreasing the volume.... or in other words allowing the music to be in the foreground at times and the background at other times.Is there a video available that can help me to understand allowing audio to be in the foreground and/or background? 

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          Premiere Elements 13.1 on what computer operating system?


          Please look at Tools Menu/Smart Mix feature and determine if it will work for you when it automatically sets volume keyframes for foreground and background set tracks.


          Usually it is run to lower music so that dialog can be heard. But, see if it will work for you music against music instead of music against dialog.


          Depending on the workflow, also look at Tools/Menu/Audio Mixer. Or consider manual volume keyframing

          a. Adjust Tab/Adjustments Palette/Volume Panel expanded


          b. Timeline file rubberband


          Please consider and let us know how much supplemental details that you need.


          Thank you.