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    Lightroom 4 suddenly won't import images (except slowwwwwwwwwly)


      I'm using Lightroom 4 on my iMac.  I'm currently running OS 10.10.5/ Yosemite, and I did an upgrade/ update from 10.6.8 pretty recently.  The issue I'm having doesn't seem directly connected to the OS update, though, since my LR had been working/ importing just fine for awhile after I did upgrade.

      I am a wedding photographer, and direct import my RAW Canon 5D Mark iii (mainly: some 5D Mark ii as well) files from my CF cards to LR via a card reader and the import module, using "copy" to import the files.  I've never had any problems with this.  Then suddenly a few days ago the importing slowed way down, and it took many hours to get the images into Lightroom.  I had photographed in full sized RAW, whereas normally I do shoot in the medium sized RAW mode, so the files were bigger. 

      I purged the cache in Lightroom; made sure I had lots of free space on the hard drive I'm running Lightroom from; restarted the computer and program a few times; tried importing from my camera via a different cable in case it was a hardware problem; and nothing has solved this problem. 

      I am currently dragging and dropping the files from the card to the destination, bypassing LR altogether, and the files seem to be copying totally fine, from multiple CF cards, so it's not a card reader, cord, or card problem.  It's definitely something with LR.


      I need to be able to import my RAW files into Lightroom and I don't know why it seem so reluctant to do it.  I left it for 10-15 minutes and came back to 2 files imported.  Clearly that's not workable when I shoot upwards of 1500-2000 images per shoot.  I've never had this issue before and can't see why it started.  But in the midst of this, there were times I had to force quit LR and even force restart the computer because LR would neither open nor close (the icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen wouldn't even bounce), so I'm afraid it's going to stop working altogether. 


      I know I should be upgrading to using CC, and I intend to, but I'd really rather do it by choice, when I have more time, not in the midst of crazy wedding season because my LR isn't working! :/  Help!