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    Problems importanting transparent files in Indesign

    Jmcginn Level 1

      I am trying to place a .png into Indesign with a transparent background. When I place it it has a white background. I checked in photoshop and the file is indeed transparent. In fact before I click to place the file the preview even has a transparent background. I've made sure there isn't a fill color applied. I have also tried saving the file as .psd and then placing it and it still has a white background. Once again I checked in photoshop to make sure the file is transparent and is saved correctly. Im really not sure whats going on. I do this sort of placing all the time and haven't run into this problem before. I use Indesign and Photoshop CC with all the most recent updates on a mac using Yosemite. Does any one have any ideas?