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    it's all black...

      today i tried kuler at work and it worked just fine. now when i'm at home i see nothing but.... black. all flash-stuff on the site is black. i click and try to change theme but nothing happens... i send the link to my girlfriend and everything works for her.i tried ie, firefox and opera. i tried to reinstall flash and restarting my computer but still nothing... any suggestions?
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          Level 7
          Check the version of Flash Player that you have installed.
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            Forsner Level 1
            thank you for your reply,
            i uninstalled the flash and refreshed the kuler-webpage, clicked the link and ended up here: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash
            so i guess it's version 9,0,28,0
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              i've got the same problem
              nevest version of flash player
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                The Kojoman
                Yep me too! Tried it on both firefox and IE7, went to check my flash version which was, so I installed the latest

                Version 9,0,28,0 installed successfully
                , but still no colors in Kuler.
                I noticed, in ff 2.0, the following js warnings: http://www.hlk.hj.se/kojo/jserror.gif
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                  yep, i'm having the same problems as you guys - i can only see black.
                  i have checked and i am using the latest version of flash (i also tried reinstalling), i am browsing with firefox (i also tried it in internet explorer to no avail)
                  please save me from this black world, i need to see some colour.
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                    Level 7
                    Yet I'm seeing it work in Safari and Firefox on Macintosh, plus IE and FIrefox on Windows.
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                      I am also having the black prob. I have the latest flash ver., a 450mhz, 256 ram comp with plenty o' harddrive space. I'm using winXP pro and i have IE and Firefox. When i go to the kuler site everything works except the colors are black and the slider bars beneath are all set to black ( sliding them around does nuttin'). At first I thought it was my comp speed but I can run CS suites easily and without freeze up. What should I do? Is there a setting or something I'm over looking?
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                        Ohh!! yes!!! I have the same trouble.
                        Somebody Help us!!!
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                          Sandoer K Berg
                          Isn't that odd? It was working on Wednesday.
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                            all black for me as well. i'm on a dual processor athlon mp 2800+ workstation with an Nvidia Quadro DCC card running windows XP pro. all black in Firefox and IE. Flash Player 9,0,28,0 installed for both browsers.

                            works fine on my intel laptop though.
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                              ALeX inSide
                              Hell! Have the same trouble!

                              All 5 colors are black, and sliders are on 0 after loading any theme or creating new. Nothing helps. Reinstalled Flash 9...

                              WinXP: Opera, FF, IE; Flash 9 last version.
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                                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                We'd love to save you all from the black colorless world that Chris3000 describes. We're not exactly sure what's happening here, so a few additional clues would help:
                                - I realize these seem obvious but they helped fix similar issues in the past. Did you uninstall before reinstalling Flash Player 9,0,28,0? And after reinstallation, did you restart your computer?
                                - In Sandoer Berg's case, was kuler working one day and then it stopped working on the same machine with the same configuration? That would be a new wrinkle...
                                Thanks for the info. We'll keep monitoring this thread.

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                                  same problem here.
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                                    Carly Gooch
                                    Yesterday at home this worked fine.
                                    I was using firefox 2 (maybe with some minor updates) and the flash 9 debug player (think 9.0.28 but not sure)

                                    I tried it this morning at work and I have the same black issue in this thread.
                                    I was running 1.5.08 with the 9.0.16 flash debug player.
                                    I upgraded to the 9.0.28 debug flash player with no luck
                                    I then unistalled, restarted and installed flash 9.0.28 debug player with still no luck
                                    A collegue of mine who has firefox 2 (don't know minor version) and 9.0.16 flash tried and got the black too
                                    He updated his flash player to 9.0.28 without a restart or unistall and continued to get the black

                                    This afternoon I decided to try again
                                    I have now unistalled flash player, restarted, installed flash player 9.0.28, restarted and the issue still remains

                                    I have administrator rights on both my home computer and work computer
                                    I have not changed any of the default flash player security settings on my work computer
                                    I think I may have changed some of the flash player security settings on my home computer

                                    I have a firewall running on the computer at home
                                    I don't know my work's security network settings

                                    When you go to the create page on the kuler application all the numbers are 0.
                                    When you type a value into the hex value and press enter it flashes white around the appropriate box and then sets the field back to 0.
                                    When you type a value into any of the other fields it leaves the value there but does not change colour.
                                    The app isn't maxing out my cpu or page file usage.

                                    Thought of a couple of other differences...
                                    Both computers are running windows XP service pack 2 professional edition but my home computer does have a 64bit CPU [/edit]

                                    I hope the information is helpful in locating the problem as this is a really neat app.
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                                      I haven't been able to see any of the colors since day one.

                                      Today, I did the following:

                                      1) Uninstalled my flash player (which I updated to 9,0,28,0 when kuler launched) using the program downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_14157
                                      2) Restarted the Computer
                                      3) Installed the flash player (downloaded via http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash)
                                      4) Restarted the Computer

                                      Each step of the way, I checked to see if kuler worked. At no point did it work for me.

                                      I have tested it on Firefox 2.0, IE 6, and IE 7

                                      Some points:

                                      As others have stated, all of the colors are set to 0. Dragging the color sliders does nothing to change the color in the box. If I try to change any of the color values by typing something in the boxes (HSV, RGB, etc.) the border of the color box flashes white for a second and then all the values reset to 0. No color is ever displayed.

                                      Sounds like a great app to test color combos. Would love to see this working.

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                                        i have a similar problem
                                        i don't see my favorites
                                        i only see a Grey box
                                        anyone else with the same problem or a solution
                                        i see it on firefox 2.0 with the latest flash
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                                          ZUPZUP Level 1
                                          I tried running kuler on IE7 with the latest version of Flash installed but everything came up black.....I then downloaded Firefox and installed the latest version of Flash on it, but it came up black as well. So I then restarted my computer and tried it again....still black on both Firefox and IE7. Looks like a cool program, and it seems I am not the only one with this issue...so I will wait like a patient ninja.
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                                            Chriso3000 Level 1
                                            another thing that i have noticed while looking through other people's published swatches is that those by the same designer all look the same. at first i thought that one of them was a complete muppet publishing the same colour suite but using different names for them, but when i looked further, it was common for others too. i wonder if this is a symptom of the same problem that is causing the black issue.
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                                              Interesting -- it worked like a charm at work today, but I get the all black as well as soon as I load at home. Happened in both IE and Firefox. installed
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                                                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                                Hi, thanks for being, in the words of Zupzup, "patient ninjas." Though I'm not sure of the exact reference, better than an impatient ninja I suppose. ;-)

                                                We'll take a closer look at Chriso3000's new post about the duplicate themes.

                                                This all-black-zero-values bug is definitely on our radar. Please keep posting any details so it will help our team troubleshoot as we work our way through the big bugs like these. We appreciate your patience.

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                                                  ALeX inSide Level 1
                                                  Have an opinion! Maybe previous version of a flash player is not buggy, but the latest one - has a _connectivity_ bug with server so partially recieves data from adobe... ?

                                                  IMHO its totally connection problem...
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                                                    I'm currently a Flash student using Flash Professional 8 and had something happen to me recently that sounds similar. About four days ago I downloaded the latest Flash player on two computers, one running WinXP which has both FireFox 1.5 and IE 7.0 installed, and the other running Win 2000 which has the same version of FireFox, plus Netscape7.2, IE6, Opera7, and Opera8.

                                                    The bottom line is that even though I downloaded and 'installed' the Flash player, some of the browsers did not automatically integrate it while others (the older ones) did, making me think the problem comes from tighter security on newer browsers. All I could see of the .swf file on those that did not update with the new Flash player was the content in the Main Timeline of the .fla file, but nothing that was embedded in any way.

                                                    On the WinXP computer, IE7 popped up a very easy to miss message at the top of the content area asking permission to install the Flash player, including some mention of ActiveX. When I launched FireFox (which is not the default browser on that computer), it popped up a reminder about the new Flash player in the middle of the screen. However, after installing the new Flash player in FireFox I had to restart the browser a couple of times before the Flash document appeared properly.

                                                    On the Win2000 computer, most of the browsers are older and the Flash player installed automatically except in Opera8 (also, IE popped up a 'do you want to install?' message in the middle of the screen). I don't know Opera8 all that well but the only way I could figure out how to get it to install the latest Flash player was to use it to go to the Flash download page and prompt another install. I'm thinking the problem may have something to do with the need for the browser to be either the Default or Active browser at the time of the Flash player installation. Opera 8 is not my default browser on the Win2000 computer, FireFox is.

                                                    Once I got the Flash player properly installed, the Kuler site works fine in all of the above mentioned browsers on those two Windows platforms.

                                                    I hope this is helpful is some way.

                                                    Another thought: Could it have something to do with whether you have administrator status when you install the Flash player?
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                                                      About the color swatch being the same: The image before for instance "by mats.holmberg" is http://kuler.adobe.com/Kuler/userImages/mats.holmberg.png so it isn't strange that they are all the same. It's the same image-url in the xml supplied by get.cfm. I guess the box under the swatch name and the stars should show the colors, but it's just black.
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                                                        I tried it too yesterday at work using my pc and it was ok. Now i'm trying kuler using my laptop but it's black.....
                                                        My friend tried too from his laptop and it was ok . I try both explorer and firefox but it's still black......
                                                        Also i can't find some of mykulers....... Do you have any problem when you search??
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                                                          Metaxia Level 1
                                                          File to xeroume oti den to vlepeis....
                                                          Oute kai emeis to vlepoume....
                                                          Mas kourases/........
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                                                            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                                            We think we've addressed the "black screen of death" issue. Can those of you experiencing this, please check it out and let us know. Fingers crossed... ;-)
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                                                              SolMarch Level 1
                                                              Still doesn't work for me (tested on FF2.0 and IE 6)

                                                              According to http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/, I have the flash player version 9,0,28,0 installed
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                                                                Back in Black. Still no go.
                                                                - OS: Win XP, SP2; machine has 1gb Ram and a 128mb GPU
                                                                - Browsers: Firefox and IE 7.0.5730.11
                                                                - Flash Player: 9,0,28,0

                                                                Black screens on both browsers.

                                                                Tested the same browsers on a Tablet PC, running Tablet PC Edition 2005 with 512 mb RAM and Intel 915 GML integrated chipset, and kuler works on both browsers perfectly - both browser and Flash player are the same versions.
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                                                                  What the heck? I was having fun playing with Kuler but suddenly I'm in the dark, too. Please help!

                                                                  I have the latest Fllash Player installed.

                                                                  (Mac G4 Powerbook - FF Browser)
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                                                                    Kuler doesn't work on Firefox 2 and Iexplorer 7, both with the latest debug version of the player 9.
                                                                    I the colors are missing.
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                                                                      it works fine with me on IE 6, and IE 7 (win xp, latest flash player) in the office :-)

                                                                      but @ home it doesn't work no matter what :-(
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                                                                        Carly Gooch Level 1
                                                                        Hi Sami,

                                                                        Unfortunately the issue has not been fixed (my settings in my previous post). I have cleared my cache, but a visible version number might be good for tracing issues and if they have been fixed or not.

                                                                        An update on my previous post, my home computer (which is working) is running the 9.0.16 debug version.
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                                                                          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                                                          Hello everyone,
                                                                          Okay, we are taking another crack at this! Please stand by...
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                                                                            SolMarch Level 1
                                                                            BTW, just to check, I tried it on two other computers in the house. Both had to be upgraded to the latest flash player (which was handled by the flash player itself upon loading kuler.adobe.com), but once I restarted Firefox, both computers correctly displayed the colors!

                                                                            It's really a great and interactive tool you've got here!
                                                                            Just wish I could use it on my computer... :)
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                                                                              Same problem here. Latest versions of Firefox and Flash player. Also doesn't work in IE. I also have Flash 8 installed.
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                                                                                I have the same problem in both IE 6 and Firefox 2

                                                                                -Win XP Pro
                                                                                -Flash 9,0,28,0
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                                                                                  driftwood Level 1
                                                                                  Could this have anything to do with the type of graphics card and/or CPU we're running???

                                                                                  Works fine on my Xeon workstation, but not on my AMD workstation. AMD workstation specs are: Dual Athlon MP 2800+, Nvidia Quadro DCC card, 1MB ram. Both machines are running the lastest Flash Player.
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                                                                                    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                                                                    Hi everyone,
                                                                                    Our developers are working on this and monitoring the thread. This is a particularly tenacious issue...
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