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    keep having to log in to LR Mobile

    garethirwin1234 Level 1

      Just some feedback really. On iPhone I have to login to either lightrooms/capture etc every other day on average. I have to say this is really cramping my style. It launches with the initial screen giving hints as if I had just installed it, then I have to log in.


      I thought perhaps the apps had been updated but nothing in app store suggest this.


      I have a real long password, not one I can remember so it basically inhibits any spontaneity because invariably I have to log in which means digging through a manager to find it.


      Dropbox etc once logged in stay that way, adobe mobile apps need to do the same

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Gareth,


          Thanks for posting about this; it's the first I've heard about repeated sign-in with Capture. I've checked in with the Capture team to see if its cropped up for them (I haven't had a problem with it myself but it's possible they have). In the meantime, a couple of questions:


          You mentioned Lightroom; are you seeing the problem with any other of our mobile apps?

          What version of iOS are you using?

          By any chance do you use this/these apps on an iPad? If so, are you having the same problem there?

          Is there any consistency with regard to "when" the sign-in request is happening? (In other words... Does it just happen when you launch? Is it happening when you're in the middle of doing something? When you don't have an internet connection?


          Sorry about the trouble. Having to sign in repeatedly is a pain.



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            garethirwin1234 Level 1

            Hi thanks for coming back to me.


            I meant the lightroom mobile app.


            There has been some churn on apps recently, I had a bunch which have merged into Capture and I was getting frustrated with them keeping on asking for sign in so I moved to capture. To be fair I am not sure I have seen the password prompt since.


            However lightroom mobile certainly did ask for sign in again yesterday. Its like its started from scratch with the slide screen of hints and tips then to sign in, but then my lightroom stuff comes up fine.


            Just for laughs I have launched photoshop express, and sure enough it wants sign in. I have not opened it for a while

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Gareth,


              Thanks for the clarification. It helps to know which apps the issue seems to manifest most frequently. Keep me posted if you see any problems with Capture.



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                You are not the only one. I'm seeing it in LR mobile as well. Very frustrating when I want to show a client something and have to log in.

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                  kirker Level 4

                  Moving this to the Lightroom forum for now.



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                    @ADelcorde_Hotmail Level 1

                    Hi Gareth

                    Just to let you know that you are not the only one. I'm seeing it in LR mobile on Android  as well. Very frustrating,and like you mention doesn't occur with a lot of other mobile apps.