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    InDesign not printing properly to PDF or Lexmark laserjet

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      I posted my issue in another discussion (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1977106#expires_in=86399993&token_type=bearer&access_token =eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsIng1dSI6I…) believing this were a font issue, but it is possible this is an InDesign printing issue.


      I am using ID CS5.5 on Windows 7 Pro 64.


      A year ago, before updates to Adobe Acrobat Pro X, my Brother laserjet printer, and possibly InDesign (cannot recall) I had no problems.


      As soon as I bought a new Lexmark Laserjet CX310DN last fall, I have not been able to print from ID directly to the printer: either the system hangs or, as today, only the master page elements are printing. When I speak to Lexmark, they tell me this is an Adobe problem. I found another two posters who cannot print to new laserjet printers, but no solutions were posted.


      Today, while trying to make a PDF from InDesign, about 80% of my Minion Pro Regular was printing as Minion Pro Medium. This was showing up in the PDF and printing on my Lexmark exactly as that: 20% Minion Pro Regular like it should be, 80% printing as Medium as it should not be.


      I found a single line of Minion Pro Medium on my title page. By changing it to Regular, the problem appeared to correct itself: the PDF now looks normal. BUT then I printed the PDF out on my Lexmark, and the font prints incorrectly as it did previously, that is, 80% Medium and 20% Regular even though ALL the text is now Regular. So while the look of the PDF is correct, it is not printing as it looks.


      I am thinking that I need to uninstall InDesign and Acrobat Pro and reinstall the original programs and disallow any updates. Some bug has clearly appeared in an update.


      Does anyone else have another solution? I am losing way too much time on this.