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    Cannot import using Browse Computer with version 2015.2.1


      Since updating to 2015.2.1 Lightroom CC, I cannot see any pictures in any of my folders when I use the Browse Computer function.  Browse allows me to navigate to different folders and subfolders, but when I get to the folder I want, it does not display any photo thumbnails for me to select.


      The import interface has changed significantly, and I just don't understand what is going on.  I am presented with a selection of source folders (that I have no idea why these were selected by default!), and to the left of that is an icon to browse the computer.  It is this that is not working correctly.


      On the other hand, if I select the Drive icon displayed below the list, and navigate to the desired folder, then I can see my photos and select them for import. HOWEVER, in the left side bar of this screen, there is another Browse Computer button, and this one behaves exactly the same as the other Browse Computer button on the main import screen - ie, you can see folders, but no files!


      What the heck is going on???


      As an aside, when selecting a drive, the left side bar shows common locations and favourites.. what determines the contents of these two locations, and how can they be changed?  Is there a guide to using this new import screen?