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    What is the best After Effects HD export for youtube?

    weronika_w Level 1



      I have a very nice experimental animation made with ink stains, my scans are in high quality and I want to keep them this way. I exported my 1080x1920 video out of after effects using Quicktime Format H.264  but when uploaded to youtube it has been completely butchered, it looks pixelated even in the HD view. I tried uploading onto vimeo but it is over my free accounts limit. The video is only 2 seconds long. I love the way it looks in After Effects and on my computer and I really want to find a way to share it on the internet without compromising on quality. Can anyone recommend a better export setting or a different website (other than youtube / vimeo ) ?


      PS Having done lots of reading on this before posting my question, I have to admit I don't know whether my video is progressive or interlaced, which is better and how to change it either way.


      Thank you in advance for your help x