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    What's going on with my footage when I use Keylight?


      I've posted this on some other forums too.

      I've done plenty of keying but this footage is from a Sony FS700 to Odyssey 7Q+ external recorder, which I've never keyed before. I've followed Mark Christiansen's method of keying and despite that, I am getting lots of video noise.

      We shot 4K Raw to 4K Prores, so I was expecting amazing results. In the past I have keyed footage from an HVX200 and it turned out better than this.

      I am wondering if anyone can look at the footy and offer any insight, into either how it was shot or compressed. I've uploaded a 3 second clip to dropbox. It is 4k and about 220 MB. I don't know if I can include dropbox links or not but here goes Thanks!