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    Ram Preview green bar flashing all over


      I have a composition that is from the looks of it trying to auto render preview in the background and failing miserably even though I never told it to do so.


      I tried to record my screen but couldn't find free software quick enough.  But basically the green render line is constantly flashing pretty quickly.  It's always happening even if I haven't hit 0.  It starts small and to the left then quickly grows to fill the full timeline and then resets.  When I do hit 0 to do ram preview the bar stays close to the cursor and deletes everything behind it.  It is also still flashing.  It should also be noted that this is the only comp in the project doing this.


      I'm on the most recent version of AE and I've tried rebooting everything.


      I'll try and get a video for this but off hand does anyone know what's wrong?