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      Thankyou for your response.

      I only need to use InDesign twice a year for brochures for our Printer.

      Believe it or not, over the years, I've found that Microsoft Power Point, exported to PDF is the easiest to use and does the best job by far (I've used a number of DTP's in my career as an educator).

      I don't really want to pay for a subscription for a product that I will use only occasionally. Yes, I have been advised by Sales that I can pay for a month, ring them and discontinue it and then ring and pay again when I want to use it again, but this seems rather cumbersome. I don't need the product to be up to date with all the bells and whistles. I just need it to satisfy the printers.


      If InDesign CS6 is still around and at a reasonable cost, I would prefer to go that way - maybe I would find a use for it.

      Who do I have to ask for it???