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    Photo compositing and social media use




      I'm primarily a book cover designer, and at the moment have a bulk subscription to Shutterstock. I'm considering moving to Adobe, but I'm concerned about the license terms that state that for an image to be used in social media, I must embed a copyright notice.


      My book covers and illustrations often have 5-15 stock images per cover/illustration. If I want to share an illustration or cover design on social media, there's just no way I can embed copyright for every image, or police the author to do the same. I'm wondering how this works, then?


      I also often make facebook and twitter header images for clients - they will not want copyright notices embedded on the designs. The image(s) would be significantly altered and paired with other images, text, effects, etc. Do you still require embedded copyright notices there?


      This is the dealmaker/breaker for me for signing up with Adobe. If I have to embed copyrights in these cases, it just won't work.


      Please let me know, and thanks.