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    Pan and Zoom

      As simple as it sounds, I can't seem to find a tutorial for the combination of panning and zooming. I have a floor plan that is too large and too detailed to show all at one time so I need to use the feature for panning up and down the image and zooming. Does anyone know of a particular tutorial out there that would work for this situation?

      Thanks for any help.
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          arunbe Level 1
          I think, there is already a thread posted very related to this.
          You just go thru all the threads previously posted by a month before.
          You can get the source files too....
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            atlacatl Level 1
            tutorial..............I can give u a quick idea.....I've done something similar w/a map. what I did is make my map into a movie clip, loaded it into a pane component, I allowed the movie to be draggable.........for the zoom, I created a couple of buttons outside of the pane, and gave each something like this:
            //detect the pane's percent
            var currentper = pane.content.percent;
            if(currentper < 100){
            pane.content.pecent = currentper + 10;

            Please note, the code above is not correct, not a perfect syntax, but it should give ya a good start to hit the livedocs.