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    Downloaded a 30 day trial for Adobe Photoshop Elements & Adobe Premier Elements 14.


      After downloading the trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 & Adobe Premier Elements 14 I now have two icons on my desk top that werent there before. Macui & Checkclient status, they don't appear to do anything when I click on them nothing happens. Can they be deleted if so how as whewn I click on them & try to move to the trash bin they pop back out.  I've looked for them in finder - Applications but they dont appear there?   Any advise greatly appreciated.


      Also when I launch Adobe Elements Organiser 14 & try to import my photos in from Apple 'photos' app on my Macbook pro so that I can edit them, it gives me a message that Photos is in a format that can't be included in Elements organiser?  I have recently  upgraded my Macbook pro to OS X  El Capitan, my MacBook pro is nearly 4 years old & seems to be running ok with the new system

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          These files are not part of Premiere Elements or Photoshop Elements, Jan.


          If you used the Download Manager to download the programs, it's most likely they are a part of that system. If so, you can absolutely delete them. In fact, don't just delete the shortcuts on your desktop. Go to your Applications and remove the actual files.


          As for your problems opening files, it's most likely you're trying to open the Apple photo catalog rather than the actual media file. Files that can be opened with Photoshop Elements include PSD, JPEG, TIF, PNG and GIF files.


          If your Apple "photos" app is iPhoto, you can also use the Elements Organizer to import your entire iPhoto catalog into the Organizer for easy access.