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    Mac Pro or iMac for After Effect?


      Hi - I produce a very wide range of motion graphics, all in After Effects (simple corporate infographics to highly complex particle-based stuff for music sync). I bought a maxed out iMac a while ago (5k, 4.0ghz processor, 1tb ssd, 32gb ram) and was largely unimpressed when compared to my aging macbook pro (2012). The iMac was consistently 30% quicker in a wide range of tasks (RAM prev and render); but that couldn't justify the expense so I returned it.  I'm now looking at various mac pros, but I keep reading that processor speed, not multi core, is most important. The iMac had a super fast processor but wasn't impressive. I set it up according to all the best advice etc.  If I get an 8 core mac pro 64gb ram, 1tb drive etc. will this help? Don't want to jump ship back to windows as my music tools won't work.  Thanks!