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    Lightroom CC sharing smart collections on 2 Workstations? Is this possible??

    Alex Hartner


      I was just starting a new Catalog at Home. I already use some smart collection that I share with CC Cloud, so I can work on the Pic-s with my Ipad. Now I was wondering and installed Lightroom at a second machine on my Workstation at Work. Now I was wondering, can I not synchronize the shared files, which I see on my IPad, with my new installed LR CC at this newly installed Workstation at work? Does a Workstation not synchronize with the cloud once another Workstation (Catalog) is on the cloud? Is it not Possible to share the same Catalog on 2 Workstations on the CC Cloud. This is very confiusing. Maybe somebody can lighten me up on this matter. Cheers