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    RoboHelp HTML Version 11 and RoboHelp 2015 HTML - Why has SEARCH stopped working


      Have an existing Robo HTML V11 project that has been successfully generated hundreds of times. Updated to Robo 2015, copied the set of project folders to a new folder.


      1. Converted the copied project to Robo2015
      2. Generated WebHelp and copied to server
      3. Continually receive error when trying to use SEARCH.
        Receive the following error messages:
      4. Unable to clear error or reset SEARCH to function.


      Reinstalled Robo HTML V11

      The original project folder was opened in RoboHelp HTML V11 and now that project, when generated, no longer has a working SEARCH either.


      Have tried to delete the whxdata folder in hopes that regenerate will recreate properly, obviously didn't work.


      Can anyone shed light on this situation and provide a solution. I have updated to an application's Online Help, but can't publish an Online Help system that does not have a functioning SEARCH function