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    Creating a poem/story book in InDesign




      I normally do single-page layout work but have gotten a multi-page layout project in and wanted to ask for some guidance.



      - 65 page Word doc being made into a bound, probably soft cover, professionally printed book

      - client not sure of the size/style of book they want but I will have that info soon

      - creating book cover and section artwork

      - will need to make .indd file a template for future volumes of this poem book (creating style sheets and formatting)

      - some poem entries are 4 line stanzas and some stories are a page in length at 12 pt. font in current Word doc


      I know how to use InDesign and can figure out what I don't know for the project. What I am seeking guidance on is the CORRECT WAY to price a project like this.


      Disclaimer: I AM NOT asking for the easy way out (i.e. a flat rate; hours > dollars).


      I am asking for someone who has experience with long document projects to guide me in correctly pricing this project so that I will not do a disservice to our Creative community at large by undervaluing/pricing my work. As we know, this is already a major problem so I want to help correct it. I admit, I have done a coupe multi-page layout projects (i.e. proposals etc) in the past and I don't think I priced them as accurately as they could have been. So I want to start off right again with this project.


      I also am not asking for someone to take my hand from start to finish; more so I am asking WHAT ARE THE NORMAL LINE ITEMS for a project like this. I've got a handle on what should be in the line items, I just want to make sure I am not leaving anything out.


      Also, I have been using a print vendor for a while now but they may not work well for this project so if you have any print vendor recommendations that would be great.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Prices and print vendors vary from country to country... where in the world are you?


          Usually it is just hours x hourly rate


          Or you could apply a daily rate and estimate how many days work




          4 hours initial work for design concepts based on 4 pages with up to 3 options for design.


          Based on design chosen


          I'd estimate typesetting 4 pages in 15 minutes (or 16 pages per hour)

          Circa. 65 pages in 4.5 hours - round up to 5


          Include things for proofing - half the initial time +


          7.5 hours

          (+ 4 hours initial design time)


          11.5 hours

          (+ time included in any meetings + telephone calls)


          + printing costs + 100% markup on printing (as you assume the risk for undertaking the printing)




          Don't forget, it takes time to digest and email, store it logically in a filing system, then apply any changes, create a new proof, and send a new email.


          This should all be included in the proofing costs.

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            joycreative.co Level 1

            I'm in the states on the east coast. How about yourself? Do you know of any print vendors specializing in printing books?


            Thank you for this valuable information.